Why Build a Website on WordPress

Having worked with many types of web building platforms, its clear that not every platform will be good for every job. Joomla, for example, is great for portal websites. There is one, however, that is consistently used more than any other: WordPress.

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a simple CMS for blogs, but it is now one of the most-used content management systems and nearly 10% of all websites are built on WordPress. Just a few years ago, many website designers viewed WordPress as reserved for blogs, but this has changed rapidly, and the platform is now used by big names like CNN. Why is WordPress the best choice for building a new site this year? Here are some good reasons.

1. Plenty of standard features. While WordPress has maintained an almost identical back end interface for years, it continues to grow its feature list, including menu configuration. Its this evolution in each version of WordPress that allows it to become a good choice for all types of sites.

2. Perfect learning curve. WordPress has a very easy learning curve so its easy for you to handle if youre still gaining experience, or for your clients to take over if youre designing a WordPress site for a client. Despite this, WordPress offers plenty of functionality. You can ignore what you dont understand yet and take the time to learn more slowly, unlike Drupal.

3. Awesome plug-ins. There are hundreds of excellent plugins for WordPress, and youd have trouble even coming up with a function you cant add quickly. Most functions can be added with free plugins in minutes. If you think of something you need, you can also try your hand at designing your own plugin.

4. Great support. WordPress has a thriving community of developers and designers who have discussed just about every topic related to the platform. If you ever run into trouble, youll have no trouble getting a pointer in the right direction.

5. Google loves WordPress. WordPress is automatically SEO-friendly, and this can be boosted even further. The platform automatically generates SEO-friendly URLs and plugins like the All-in-One SEO Pack and Google XML Site Map are easy ways to help the site perform better with minimal effort. This is especially important if youre designing a blog or website for a client; theyll be more satisfied with your service and more likely to refer you.

6. Setting up WordPress sites is inexpensive. WordPress is open source, and hosting and themes are very inexpensive. Business owners can also contract web designers to create a custom theme for a relatively small amount of money. This makes them ideal for businesses with limited budgets, or business owners who want to create a WordPress site for marketing purposes.

A good example of this idea is this WordPress cosmetic surgery site. This WordPress blog was created for a cosmetic surgeon to discuss areas of his practice and answer concerns his patients have about issues like breast reduction recovery and facelift procedures, and it looks like it was relatively affordable with a simple WordPress theme thats branded to his practice.

WordPress is definitely here to stay, and its become the backbone of some of the most well-known sites today. These are just a few benefits of the platform, but you can definitely find more as you learn more.

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